Django Image Requests

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ولوں اصل جمع کراوݨ تے پاؤل کیجورا دا لکھ تھورا۔ کارلی سٹیمباغ ولوں تبدیل کیتا ڳیا تے بہتر بݨایا ڳیا۔

import hashlib
import urllib
from django import template
from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe

register = template.Library()

# return only the URL of the gravatar
# TEMPLATE USE:  {{ email|gravatar_url:150 }}
def gravatar_url(email, size=40):
  default = ""
  return "" % (hashlib.md5(email.lower()).hexdigest(), urllib.urlencode({'d':default, 's':str(size)}))

# return an image tag with the gravatar
# TEMPLATE USE:  {{ email|gravatar:150 }}
def gravatar(email, size=40):
    url = gravatar_url(email, size)
    return mark_safe('' % (url, size, size))

See Also: django-gravatar project and if you use Python 3 try out libgravatar. Both are third party libraries and not officially supported by Gravatar.